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At the hospital, errors in providing medication or during surgery are just a couple of the ways things can go wrong for a patient. However, many cases of medical malpractice occur because of decisions made behind the scenes. Hospital administrators are the staff members who run the daily operation of hospitals and clinics and it is their duty to ensure that policies and procedures are in place to protect patients from harm. When they fail in this duty, it is considered administrative negligence.

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Types of Hospital Administrative Negligence

Administrative negligence is typically the result of an overarching failure in administrative hospital procedures, rather than being caused by the careless acts of one doctor or nurse. Some examples of administrative negligence include:

  • Failing to meet and enforce employee training requirements;
  • Failing to provide the appropriate sanitation and sterilization tools;
  • Overworking employees (for example, asking doctors and nurses to work past their allotted shift times, resulting in exhausted employees);
  • Placing unqualified personnel in leadership or supervisory positions;
  • Hiring employees with questionable qualifications;
  • Failing to terminate employees who demonstrate questionable behavior or quality of care; and
  • Failing to enforce posted safety requirements for employees.

Procedural errors such as these can lead to a patient being treated by an unqualified practitioner, getting an infection from unsterile equipment, being injured by equipment that is not up to date, or flat-lining during the night because there were not enough doctors or nurses scheduled to work in the ICU.

Because administrative negligence issues usually revolve around a hospital’s policies and procedures, the hospital itself is typically responsible when this negligence results in a patient’s injury. On the other hand, if an administrative employee made a specific error, or failed to enforce an administrative rule that was in place, both the employee and the hospital are likely at fault.

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Reach Out to an Experienced Hospital Malpractice Attorney

If you were injured as a result of one of the failures described above, you may have a case against the hospital for administrative negligence. Call an Orlando hospital negligence lawyer at Faiella & Gulden, P.A., for a free case evaluation at (407) 647-6111. We have handled many of these complex cases throughout the Orlando area and have gotten results for our clients. We require no legal retainer or upfront fees. In fact, you pay nothing unless we win your case.

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We require no legal retainer or upfront fees, and you pay nothing unless we prevail. Call us for your free consultation.
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